Now that I’ve graduated

I graduated. 12/17/11. Finally!

Fresh out of Rochester College, I’ve earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with a track in Public Relations, Summa Cum Laude. I’m happy.

I’m happy that I’ve accomplished a major goal. I’m happy that I’ve set a good example for my two sons who are currently in high school. I’m happy that I’ve discovered a passion in Communications and PR. And I’m happy for the journey that led me to this goal – although it was beyond HARD! Returning to school as a non-traditional student with children and working full-time (and a part-time job & an internship) was no walk in the park.

But I’m skipping now.

However, I’m not satisfied. I’m looking at what’s next; at what’s beyond the degree. Something that’s bigger than me. I want to make my difference in the world.

So I continue. I press on.

What’s next? Well for now, graduate school. I’m pursuing a Master of Arts in Media Studies. I’ve been accepted to the New School in New York and I’m totally ecstatic. I’m happier about this venture in my life than I was about attending college after high school many, many moons ago. You would think I’m 17 again. But I’m not. So back to reality. My reality.

My reality is full and at the expense of every reader who stops by my blog, I will empty myself out onto these pages. I’ll share my current projects, what I’m learning and what I’m experiencing in life.

Because it’s all about the journey.

Come along; hit the follow button and join me.



2 thoughts on “Now that I’ve graduated

  1. You are truly an inspiration to readers and everyone who knows you personally I’m sure! Dont give up on your dreams, continue to strive for excellence in all things and keep the faith! Cant wait to network with you- @LyNNPRmentality

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