#LoveandTwitter: Confessions of a Twitter Convert

Confession: I was one of the many people who just didn’t get Twitter. As an outsider looking in and only going by what I heard in the media of how celebrities used it (which appeared trivial to me at the time), I wasn’t impressed. Nevertheless, at the instruction of my professor for my New Media Strategies class, our class was required to join Twitter. I want to thank that professor today because joining Twitter has had a positive impact on my life. Thank you professor.

I’m a Twitter convert now. And I’m singing its praises. Here are two reasons why:

Culture of Diversity

Historically, America boasts as a melting pot of people from all nationalities and cultures. Visit any thriving community and a key to its success will be a commitment to diversity. Visit any failing community and I can assure you that the lack of diversity contributes to its problems. A diverse culture adds value and creates an environment of innovation and possibilities. The same is true for organizations. Personally, I look for diversity in a company. And I think twice about companies where it isn’t present.

Twitter has a very diverse culture. You name it, it’s there. Feel free to follow your passion or express your passion; no matter how far it’s off the beaten path. You won’t be booted off, discouraged, judged or looked at funny. Instead you will connect with like-minded individuals and even help others to gain awareness about your purpose. Because Twitter just doesn’t tolerate diversity, it celebrates it.

Takes Communication to Another Level

I am very passionate about communication. That’s why I made the discipline my major and obtained a communications degree. Twitter is unique because it allows 140 characters for users to make a post. Therefore, it forces you to be succinct and choose your words wisely. I believe it’s an art to be able to say a multitude in just a few words. That’s powerful indeed.

I live by the old adage that “if you don’t have anything positive to say don’t say anything at all.” This is not the case on Twitter. If you don’t have anything positive to say, echo someone else by retweeting. I overcame my issue with retweets pretty fast once I witnessed their value. I viewed them as unoriginal and as stealing another person’s words. But it’s not plagiarism if you give credit. Retweets give legs to words and allows concepts and ideas to travel further than they could if they remained dormant.

Twitter takes the transmission model of communication to another level. In light of Twitter, it’s time to expand what communication students are learning.

Shannon and Weaver's Original Model of Communication

To put it briefly (as Twitterers do), Twitter gives you a voice. It’s up to you how you use it.

There is so much more I can say about Twitter. However, this post is just a teaser to get your creative juices flowing on how you can optimize your use of it.

And for those of you yet to experience Twitter, I encourage you to …

get in where you fit in or create your own path; join the conversation, and come alive …. on Twitter

Are you on Twitter? How would you relate your experience?